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The Great North Woods region – the remote northern tip of New Hampshire that pokes into the underbelly of Quebec -- is a place of lakes, rivers, towering forests, and people who enjoy the really rugged forms of outdoor adventure. Outdoor sports are a way of life in every season. They include hunting, fishing, camping, hiking , boating, ATV riding, mountain biking, skiing, snowmobiling, cross country skiing , and wild life watching (in fact, Route 3 from Pittsburg to the Canadian border is known as Moose Alley for the regular appearances there of the giant, antlered creatures).
First Connecticut Lake and Second Connecticut Lake, in the top corner of the region are named for the Connecticut River and its river valley, which form the border of Vermont and New Hampshire. Major towns in the area are Colebrook, Columbia, and Pittsburg. Among the major public events are the North Country Moose Festival in Colebrook and the Umbagog Wildlife Festival in Errol, both in August, and River Fire in Berlin in October.

Great Things to Do in Great North Woods of NH

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