Brewery tours in New Hampshire are a fun and tasty excursion for beer lovers

Craft beer is hot and local breweries in scenic New Hampshire have your favorite artisanal fruit and traditional beers. The unique flavors emanate from clean mountain air, water, hops, fruits grown right on the farms. With lodgings nearby, you can take a scenic drive and tour breweries and production facilities showing the fermentation process; how hops and yeast are added; and how beer is bottled, capped, and labeled. Then head for the tasting room. Meet the Clydesdales at Budweiser’s northeast facility.

Beers on Parade - Woodstock Inn, Station & Brewery - North Woodstock, NH
Woodstock Inn, Station & Brewery

135 Main Street North Woodstock, NH, 03262 Phone: 603-745-3951 Toll-Free: 800-321-3985

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Woodstock Inn Brewery has been a pioneer in the regions craft beer industry for over 20 years. Inside every one of our beers, you’ll discover a little bit of what makes New Hampshire special. From the mountains, lakes, and streams, to the farms, small towns, cities, and seacoast. Buy our beers on tap or in-stores across New England. Stop in, or book your stay and take a brewery tour while you’re here! Either way, we’ll be here, making the beer that is distinctly New Hampshire. Visit WoodstockInnNH.com for details.