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Merrimack Valley covered bridges are a living example of engineering history

Henniker Bridge

Location: South of N.H. Route 9 in Henniker Village spanning the Contoocook River

This bridge, which crosses the Contoocook river, was built by Milton Graton and his son Arnold in 1972 using traditional methods. The bridge serves New England College and the community of Henniker as a footbridge. Town lattice truss; 136 feet long; limited to pedestrian and maintenance vehicle use.
West Swanzey / Thompson Bridge

Main Street Road West Swanzey, NH, 03469 Phone:

Location: East of N.H. Route 10

This bridge, built in 1832, carries Main Street Road over the Ashuelot River. In 1973, when it was posted for a six-ton limit, school buses were not allowed to cross the bridge with students onboard. When a bus full of students came to the bridge, the students would get off the bus, walk across the bridge, and re-board the bus. Closed to vehicle traffic. It is a two-span Town lattice truss with a total length of 136 feet.
Railroad Bridge

Location: East of N.H. Route 103 in Contoocook Village

Built in 1850 and reconstructed in 1889, this bridge carries the Concord and Claremont Railroad line across the Contoocook River. It was built when the Concord and Claremont Railroad laid track from Concord to Bradford, N.H. The bridge washed off its abutments in 1936 when the Contoocook River flooded and again in 1938 from a hurricane. After the flood water receded, the bridge was drawn back to its location and restored. Double Town-Pratt lattice truss; 140 feet long.
Rowell’s Bridge

Clement Hill Road West Hopkinton, NH, 03229 Phone:

Location: North of N.H. Route 127 on Clement Road

Built in 1853, the bridge carries Clement Hill Road across the Contoocook River. A short time after it was built, a herd of cattle moved the bridge off its abutments. The structure was brought back and secured. The structure was rebuilt by the state in 1965. The Antiquarian Society in Hopkinton has a demonstration model of a Long truss on display. Long truss with Burr arches; 164 feet long.
Coombs Bridge

Old Westport Road Winchester, NH, 03470 Phone:

Location: West of N.H. Route 10, one-half mile southwest of Westport Village

This bridge, built in 1837, carries Old Westport Road across the Ashuelot River. It was named for after its builder and first owner. The bridge was rehabilitated in 1971. One-span Town lattice truss with a total length of 106 feet.
Sawyers Crossing / Cresson Bridge

Sawyers Crossing Road Swanzey, NH, 03446 Phone:

Location: One mile north of N.H. Route 32 near the site of an old Indian community

This bridge, built in 1859, carries Sawyers Crossing Road over the Ashuelot River. This structure replaces a much earlier bridge on this location. When the rebuilt bridge was opened, the event was celebrated with an all-night town dance on the bridge, with a four-piece orchestra and a midnight lunch. Town lattice truss with a total length of 159 feet.
Ashuelot / Village / Village Station Bridge

Bolton Road Winchester, NH, 03470 Phone:

Location: South of N.H. Route 119 in the Upper Village of Ashuelot

This bridge, built in 1864, carries Bolton Road across the Ashuelot River, It is considered one of New Hampshire’s most elaborate covered bridges. The original purpose of the bridge was to transport wood across the river for use by the Ashuelot Railroad. Two-span Town lattice truss; 169 feet long.