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Outdoor Adventures & Activities in New Hampshire's Merrimack Valley (NH)

Ride Through the Woods - Scenic RailRiders - Concord, NH
Scenic RailRiders

188 Sewalls Falls Road Concord, NH, 03301 Phone: 603-931-1700

Here’s a unique way to admire the Merrimack River scenery: pedaling a Rail-Bike

There are lots of ways to enjoy the scenery along the Merrimack River, but only one way gives you the opportunity to do something you’ve probably never done before: travel train tracks without a train. At Scenic Railriders, you’ll pass through woods and farms, along the river and over bridges while pedaling a custom-built Rail-Bike. The comfortable two- and four-seat “bikes” require leisurely pedaling along the 6.2-mile route, which takes about an hour and 45 minutes to complete with two rest stops. Guides in the lead and end car will fill you in on the history of the picturesque area. Riders of all ages are welcome: Kids’ car or booster seats can be strapped right onto the Rail-Bikes, which have seat belts. Advanced booking is required.
Spring Altar 500x250 - America's Stonehenge - Salem, NH
America's Stonehenge

105 Haverhill Road Salem, NH, 03079 Phone: 603-893-8300

Mysteries abound at this incredible seacoast site

The forests near Salem, NH are home to this remarkable maze of rocks, stone chambers, and megaliths that may have been left by ancient visitors. But who were they? The question has stymied scholars for generations. The megalith filled pine woods eerily appear to be similar to those built throughout Great Britain by Druid priests. Adding to the mystery is the fact that you'll find megaliths of the same type scattered around New England. This site is one of the largest collections not on private property and not off limits to visitors. Visit the museum and enjoy the orientation film and gift shop that offers books with more information. In winter months the one-hundred-plus acres are also great for snowshoeing.