Merrimack Valley is a lovely setting for walking and hiking

Hiking Trail 500x250 - America's Stonehenge - Salem, NH
America's Stonehenge

105 Haverhill Road Salem, NH, 03079 Phone: 603-893-8300

Hike in the footsteps of the continent's ancestors

A visit to America's Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire, is a great activity for those who enjoy hiking and walking. You'll find yourself wandering among boulders and pines in a wild but beautiful spot, about which fantastic tales might be woven. About 30 acres of these woods are an archaeological site, where you'll find ancient megaliths, stone chambers, and a weird maze of stone markers. Who built these structures? Were they colonial farmers, Native Americans, or, as some suggest, visitors from the Old World prior to Columbus who lost their way in the Atlantic Ocean and found themselves on New England's shores. Through the years scholars have suggested Phoenician mariners, ancient Druids, Vikings, or Irish wanderers. Tour the site, and give us your opinion.
Pawtuckaway State Park

40 Pawtuckaway Road Nottingham, NH, 03290 Phone: 603-895-3031

Lake beach with boat launch, canoe & kayak rentals; campground; hiking trails

Extensive hiking trails to elevated lookout, marsh, glacial field.
Hiking information.
Hiking map.
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Trails of Beaver Brook Association

117 Ridge Road Hollis, NH Phone: 603-465-7787

Beaver Brook Association is a protected area of 2,187 acres of forest, fields, and wetlands with 35 miles of trails. The trails are designated by blue rectangular markings for multi-use, which allows horse and bicycle traffic, and yellow triangular markings that allow only hiking and cross-country skiing. Trails are open year-round, daily, dawn to dusk.
Nesting Box Trail
BBA Hollis Trail Map
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Orienteering Course Map
Wild Flower Trail
Bear Brook State Park

61 Deerfield Road Allenstown, NH, 03275 Phone: 603-485-9874

Full service park has water sports, camping, archery, horseback riding

This giant park has 40 miles of trails through forest, hilltops, and marches. Trails are open to hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. Trail map. Trail information.
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