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New Hampshire roads are up to serving any trip by car

New Hampshire roads will take you to beaches, mountains, cities and towns, famous resorts and historic and tourist attractions. Traveling north, south, east and west, up, down and around will find you on state and local highways, blue routes and more to enjoy leisurely fall drives and warm summer journeys to discover the Monadnock region, the Dartmouth Lake Sunapee Region, and the White Mountains Region to the Canadian border. Drive up Mount Washington and get a bumper sticker that says you did. The Seacoast is nestled in the southeastern corner and very accessible by car and the Lakes Region in the central part of the state holds beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee circumnavigated in a clockwise direction stating at Alton in the south.
Driving Routes to the Seacoast

New Hampshire's Seacoast is close to Boston, MA and Portland, ME, bounded on the south by Massachusetts and the north by Maine. I-95 runs through the eastern part of the region, and Route 4 begins in Portsmouth and runs westward into Vermont.

From the south, find your way to I-95 north. Travelers from central and western Massachusetts should head toward Boston. Take I-95 into the Seacoast.

From the north, take I-93 south into Concord, then pick up Route 4 eastinto the Seacoast Region.

From the west, take Route 4 east into the Seacoast.

I-95 is convenient to all the beaches and runs through Seabrook, Hampton, Rye and Portsmouth. Route 1 parallels the interstate closer to the water. Route 1A abuts the coastline.

Inland Route 108 runs through Exeter, Stratham, Newmarket, Durham and Dover.
Driving Routes to the Merrimack Valley

The Merrimack Valley is in the south central part of New Hampshire. I-93, I-89, and Route 3 pass through the region.

From the south and west, take I-91 north through Massachusetts into Vermont. Pick up I-89 near Lebanon, NH, and take it south to Merrimack Valley.

From the south and east, take I-93 north through Massachusetts and into New Hampshire to Merrimack Valley.

From points north: I-93 heads southward through the White Mountain area and into the region. I-93 runs near Salem, Windham, Canobie Lake, Derry, Londonderry, Manchester, Concord, and Canterbury. I-89 runs past Contoockoo, Hopkinton and Concord.

Route 3 travels through Nashua, Merrimack, Bedford, Manchester, and Concord.

Route 4 takes an east-west route through Northwood, Chichester, and Concord.
Driving Routes to the Dartmouth Lake Sunapee Region

The Dartmouth-Lake Sunapee Region is crossed by two major highways, I-89 and U.S. Route 4.

From Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, take I-91 North through Massachusetts into Vermont. I-91 follows the New Hampshire / Vermont border. It intersects with I-89 at White River Junction, VT, near Lebanon, N.H.

From eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island, take I-93 North through Massachusetts into New Hampshire. In Concord, pick up I-89 North into Dartmouth Lake Sunapee.

From northern New Hampshire, Vermont, and north, I-91 and I-93 both pass near the region. The most direct route from I-93 is NH Route 104 West.

I-89 passes near Warner, Lake Sunapee, New London, Lebanon and Hanover.

U.S. Route 4 passes Andover, Danbury, Canaan, Enfield and Lebanon.
Driving Routes to the White Mountains

Route Map - New Hampshire's White Mountains region is bordered by the Great North Woods to the north, Vermont to the west, Maine to the east, and the Lakes Region to the south. I-93 runs through the lower part of the region, while U.S. Route 3 runs to the Canadian border.
  • From New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire: In Massachusetts, pick up I-93 or I-293 north. Enter Manchester, NH, then continue north on I-93.
  • From Maine and east: U.S. Route 2 runs west from Maine and enters New Hampshire near Shelburne.
  • From Great North Woods and north: Take U.S. Route 3 southward.
  • From Vermont and points west: Take I-93 south or U.S. Route 302 east.
Driving Routes to the Monadnock Region

The Monadnock Region is in southwest New Hampshire, with Vermont to the west and Massachusetts to the south. I-91 runs close to the Monadnock region.

From central and western Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, take I-91 through Massachusetts into Vermont. Near Bratleboro, VT, pick up NH Route 9 into Monadnock.

From Rhode Island, south and east, take I-93 North through Massachusetts into New Hampshire. At Manchester, pick up NH Route 101.

From the north, take I-93 south into Concord, then pick up NH Route 9 through Monadnock into Keene. Route 9 passes Spofford, Keene, and Hillsborough.

Route 101 heads east from Keene, passing Marlborough, Dublin, Peterborough and Wilton.

Route 202 passes Rindge, Jaffrey, Noone, Peterborough, Hancock, and Hillsborough.

Driving Routes to the Lakes Region


New Hampshire's Lakes Region is in the center of the state, I-93 passes through the region, and U.S. Route 3 is another road through the Lakes.

From Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, south and west: Take I-91 north through Massachusetts into Vermont. I-91 follows the New Hampshire/Vermont border, and joins I-89 at near Lebanon, NH Take I-89 south into the Lakes region.

From eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and south and east: Take I-93 north through Massachusetts and into New Hampshire.

From northern New Hampshire, northern Vermont and points north: I-93 is the most direct route, heading southward through the White Mountain area into the region.