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Rainy day activities include indoor gyms, playgrounds, video arcades

Rainy Day Activities in New Hampshire

Make The Most Out Of Your Rainy Vacation

A rainy day in New Hampshire doesn't have to dampen your vacation; it provides a unique opportunity to explore the state's charm in a different light. Begin your day with a visit to one of New Hampshire's cozy cafes or local bakeries, where you can savor a warm cup of coffee or tea. Take a leisurely drive through the picturesque countryside, appreciating how the rain enhances the vibrant landscape. For a cultural experience, head to one of the state's museums or art galleries. Alternatively, explore the charming villages and historic towns that dot the state. Wander through covered bridges and cobbled streets, discovering the rich history and architecture that New Hampshire has to offer.

A rainy day is also perfect for indulging in the state's culinary delights. For a tasting session, pairing your favorite beverages with locally inspired dishes, visit a local brewery or winery. If you prefer a more hands-on approach, consider taking a cooking class to learn how to prepare traditional New England cuisine. Finally, remember to embrace the rain itself. Grab a raincoat and venture into one of New Hampshire's lush forests or nature reserves. The rain can transform the landscape into a magical, glistening wonderland. Whether strolling along a wooded trail or enjoying the sound of raindrops on leaves, you'll discover that New Hampshire's beauty shines even on the gloomiest days.

Rainy Day Family Activities in New Hampshire

Rain or shine, New Hampshire has family activities for adults and kids and family-friendly places to stay nearby. With historic sites, museums, and great shopping, you'll always be energized even when it rains. Learn about the social history of the telephone, from the first sentence spoken in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell to the smartphones of today at the telephone museum. Take a craft-making workshop and make something from your hands, from jewelry to tie-dyed shirts and sweatshirts. An all-indoor play space features multi-player video and dance games, jungle gyms, a three-story slide, and a beautiful carousel imported from Italy.

Hazy Skies Over Strawbery Banke Museum, Portsmouth, NH
Kids & Science - Castle in the Clouds - Moultonborough, NH
Castle in The Clouds

Route 171 - 455 Old Mountain Road Moultonborough, NH, 03254 Phone: 603-476-5900

A little rain does not stop visitors from exploring and learning at Lucknow Mansion

Even raindrops can’t dampen the joy of a day at Castle in the Clouds, the elegant estate overlooking Lake Winnipesaukee and beyond. A rainy day is the perfect time to explore the Lucknow Mansion, once home to Thomas and Olive Plant. Take a leisurely self-guided tour of the mansion with original furnishings and fashions, then head to the basement for a guided tour with a glimpse into servant life back in the day. Top off your visit to Castle in the Clouds at the Carriage House exhibit, currently featuring information about “Lucknow’s Laborers: The People Who Built and Cared for Tom Plant’s Estate.”