New Hampshire is a fine place for swimming, in the ocean or at fresh water lakes

Swimming in New Hampshire ranges from doing the crawl through ocean waves off the state's beaches on the Atlantic to gliding through the clear fresh waters of a lake, river, or pond to the north and west. Plenty of state and local parks have beaches and swimming facilities. Where some family members like to go swimming, others may enjoy fishing at many locations with convenient boat ramps. Get your lodging near the water!

Beaver-Brook-Pond--credit- blog Mud Sweat Mountaineers
Lake Francis State Park

439 River Road Pittsburg, NH, 03592 Phone: 603-538-6965

Good for fishing, boating, paddling, and camping

Lake Francis State Park lies on the shores of Lake Francis a 2,000 acre lake near the Connecticut Lakes. Popular for swimming, fishing and boating. The lake has a boat launch and canoes are available for rent
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