Zip line canopy tours in New Hampshire will bring out the Tarzan in you

Zip line tours and treetop canopy tours, conducted with help from platforms and rope walks secured high in the forest trees, are growing in popularity. It is a thrilling and unusual adventure, perfect for families (but not very young children), and adults and groups and groups and friends simply looking for a day of adventure.

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Zip Line 500x250 - ELC Outdoor Adventure Outpost - Errol, NH
ELC Outdoor Adventure Outpost

983 Upton Road Errol, NH, 03579 Phone: 603-215-0002

Closed for 2020 - We look forward to seeing you in 2021!

At ELC Outdoors’ outpost in Errol, you will be able to enjoy New Hampshire’s majestic North Country from a perch high in (and sometimes) above the trees. Fly through the air on one of the outdoor center’s two ziplines or face the challenges presented by the new half-day ropes course, a series of ropes, wires, platforms and bridges suspended 12 to 40 feet off the ground. Yes, that’s Mount Washington and the White Mountains in the background as you navigate from penguin platforms to Burma buckets, from tree to tree, along the fun course. Want to up the adventure quotient? Try the river raft and ropes combo, with a half day of rafting and a half day among the treetops.
Zip Line - Chuckster's Family Fun Park - Chichester, NH
Chuckster's Family Fun Park

Two Great Locations Chichester and Hooksett, NH Phone: 603-798-3555

Let your spirits soar with our exciting zipline at Timbertrek

Get a bird’s-eye view of the woods when you get harnessed in to the exciting zipline, part of the Timbertrek aerial adventure park at Chuckster’s in Chichester. The 240-foot zipline, which you can do separately if you wish, is also part of a series of fantastic elements (from horse saddles to “snowboards” and “skateboards”) that allow you to move from platform to platform in the trees, 10 to 35 feet off the ground. Cross log bridges and other spans that sway as you conquer this course with its emphasis on fun. (There’s an optional route for those seeking a bigger challenge.) Other attractions at Chuckster’s include a mini golf course, go-kart track and a host of competitive games.
Zip Line - Morningside Flight Park - Charlestown, NH
Morningside Flight Park

357 Morningside Lane Charlestown, NH, 03603 Phone: 603-542-4416

Fly atop the trees amidst beautiful New Hampshire Scenery

If you’re looking for a fantastic day or weekend trip within easy reach of Boston, Hartford, Montreal, and New York, get up off the ground and into the trees at this remarkable flight park. You’re in New Hampshire’s majestic Connecticut River Valley and you can fly through the trees on an ACCT Certified Course designed with 2 cables for redundancy and suitable for almost every age and skill level. Your flight plan takes you through maples, oaks, and pines starting at the top of Morningside Mountain on slopes where hang gliders have been flying since 1974. The wildlife below is yours for the viewing and includes chipmunks, wild turkeys, and more. Check out the special packages and group rates.