White Mountains makes zip line and canopy tours a new sensation

Crazy Zipline Kid - Monkey Trunks - Maine & New Hampshire
Monkey Trunks

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Zip it in style in the scenic White Mountains

Fantastic zip line action awaits near Mount Chocurua called the Matterhorn of the White Mountains. The adventure starts with ground school for safety instruction and proper use of belays. Over 2-3 hours you’ll move through levels that become progressively challenging but there is no time limit so you can enjoy every challenge at your own pace. You’ll find 6 zip lines, two of which you can ride side-by-side, and challenges that include swinging beams, tightropes, rolling logs, hanging tires, cargo nets and more. The Kids' Course has platforms approximately 6' off the ground with 6-8 challenges and an 80' zipline at the finish. Check size and weight requirements to ensure that you qualify for a safe and secure zip.